Next generation plate evaluation – IRIS

In addition to classic image analysis of Elispot and Fluorospot plates,
ZellNet offers next generation evaluation capabilities using RAWspot™ technology with IRIS:

Uncompressed RAW signal used from the camera sensor

6 spots accumulation confirmed using RAW signal

Regular brightness
Lowered brightness

Consistent and accurate detection of every spot, even if wells are very crowded and spots appear confluent

New data dimension with 3-dimensional spot volume (RSV) that correlates with the amount of analyte secreted

Spot counts are independent of the image brightness since the RAW signal is used
Spot analysis is objective and free of user bias since camera settings are fixed (see also application note)

Robust data collection with minimal variability

Excel data with PivotTable functionality and export to GraphPad Prism based on plate layout

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Data always provided:

  • Excel data files
  • Plate overview images with spot counts (also for every possible combination in multiplex Fluorospot)
  • Single well images in jpg (also for every possible combination of fluorophores)
  • Plate mask overview if applied for removal of artifacts
  • Plate overview of parameters applied
  • Plate History

Data provided upon request:

  • RAW data files
  • GraphPad Prism file with plate template

For more information on IRIS and RAWspotTM technology please visit

IRIS features are also explained in detail by Dr. Christian Smedman in this fantastic video:

Disclaimer: The content of this page was adapted from with permission from Mabtech AB.

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