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I got to know Dr. Sylvia Janetzki and Zellnet when things totally went wrong with my ELISPOT Assays. Nothing I did would work. Some sort of mitogen started screwing up my assays and unspecifically activating the PBMCs. I tried all sorts of troubleshooting but all to no avail. I was later referred to Dr. Janetzki.
Essentially, Dr. Janetzki has been very helpful with the troubleshooting of the ELISPOT Assay. She was readily available to reply my mails and guide me through series of troubleshooting methods despite her busy schedule. She even went ahead to support me with some of her published articles. We recorded a huge success with the unspecific T cell activation and background noise eventually.
I highly recommend the expertise of Dr. Janetzki to researchers the world over and other persons involved in ELISPOT Assays.
Adeolu Adegoke,
Memorial University, NL
I have had the pleasure to work with Dr. Sylvia Janetzki at ZellNet over the past 12 years in many capacities… I first worked with Sylvia to develop ELISPOT assays for a growing vaccine company to monitor immune responses in pre-clinical animal studies. Sylvia was essential for helping us set up our first ELISPOT assay. Thanks to her expertise, we were able to establish a robust assay with interpretable results and proper controls very rapidly. Sylvia helped us trouble shoot the assay immediately as issues arose and was available at any time for unbiased expertise on ELISPOT assay technology and scientific input. Once we established the assay in murine and monkey models, Sylvia helped us qualify and validate the assay for human samples and we used the ELISPOT assay to assess the immune response in several clinical trials. Sylvia’s scientific background and approachability contributed to our ability to write and perform standardized protocols. All of our results were evaluated through ZellNet’s plate evaluation services providing us with non-biased analysis of our experimental results.
Now in the academic setting, Sylvia continues to provide an invaluable resource by helping us coordinate and establish harmonization of processing samples and assays between different clinical trial sites and has helped to improve our assays already. Sylvia’s role as world leader in standardizing and harmonizing cellular immune assays is evidenced by her leadership in state of the art proficiency panels to determine best practices for immune monitoring, not limited to ELISPOT assay. Our participation in several of these panels lead by her, helped us establish sensitive controlled assays now in use. She has a genuine passion and enthusiasm for helping all laboratories to generate consistent and comparable results. I highly recommend ZellNet and the expertise of Dr. Janetzki to anyone interested in setting up a new ELISPOT assay and to every laboratory involved in immune monitoring.
Elizabeth A Reap, Ph.D.
Director of Immune Monitoring
Duke Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Division of Neurosurgery
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke
I would highly recommend Dr. Sylvia Janetzki and ZellNet Consulting, Inc., for the development or improvement of ELISPOT assays. During an ELISPOT reader workshop… Sylvia personalized our training which included setting up parameters for our individual experiments saving us a lot of time. She has been available every time we have needed to reach her to troubleshoot issues we’ve encountered and she has resolved them quickly. In a second workshop, she provided us with invaluable information which has not only improved the quality of our ELISPOT assays, but also our work with human PBMCs in general. We look forward to working with ZellNet Consulting, Inc. in the future.
Janet Lindow, Ph.D.
University of Vermont Burlington, VT
Our laboratory has worked closely with Sylvia Janetzki at Zellnet over the past 10 years… When we first began, Sylvia was critical in helping us set our Elispot assays to monitor immune responses in both our human and mouse models. We are currently monitoring immune responses in several clinical trials. Sylvia has helped us establish and expand our current protocols allowing us to produce consistent and reproducible results over time. All of our results are evaluated through Zellnet’s plate evaluation services providing us with non-biased analysis of our experimental results.
Not only is Sylvia a World Wide leader in Elispot technology working with groups such as Cancer Vaccine Consortium and the the ELISpot Resource Group, she is also very personable and a lot of fun to work with! Zellnet provides a very quick turnaround time with results and help with troubleshooting. I would highly recommend Zellnet to any laboratory interested in using Elispot technology.
Nathalie Blachere, Ph.D.
Research Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Neuro-oncology
Howard Hughes Medical Insitute
The Rockefeller University
New York, NY
ZellNet Consulting, Inc. and Dr. Sylvia Janetzki have contributed significantly to the set up and continued use of ELISPOT assays in our lab… Dr. Janetzki came to our lab to train us in both single and dual color ELISPOT assay techniques. Throughout all of our interactions, she has been both professional and pleasant.
Additionally, after the initial training period, Dr. Janetzki provided further support and quality assurance by confirming our gathered ELISPOT data by reading select plates using Zellnet facilities & equipment. Furthermore, her quick response to any questions regarding the development of new protocols for ELISPOT assays has been invaluable to the lab’s recent scientific endeavors. We have often relied upon Dr. Janetzki ‘s expertise, attention to detail, professionalism, and diligence and would highly recommend her to any colleague performing similar assays.
Carla Oseroff
Associate Scientist
La Jolla, CA
I really am thankful that Dr. Janetzki and the CIC exist and that they are making such great efforts to get labs doing the same assays and learning to better understand the performance of the assays. The only way anyone will ever be able to tell what type of vaccines will be the most effective is if they can be compared and measured in the same assays.
Joanne Parker, PhD
McConnell Consulting Services
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