reading clear plastic 96 wel plates for elispots

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Maurizio Affer asked 5 years ago

Hi there

I have been suggested you website directly from Millipore…’s my problem: we have been using opaque plates for elispot for years (millipore cat# MSHAN4B50)now they have been on backorder for months. So I switched for the equivalent (same celluloe membrane, CAt# MSHAS4510).

BUT these plates are clear! when I try to scan them with my immunospot plate reader it doesn’t work! light scatters everywhere….

My understanding is that I would need a sort of adapter that would wrap each well of my 96 well plate so that light doesn’t scatter when the machne reads each single well.

does it make sense?

I called immunspot and ordered an " adaptor" but it looks like from the picture they sent me that it’s "just" a dark piece of plastic that i have to set under my plate during the reading. I’ll get it next week so we’ll see if it helps.

Anyone having had to face the same issue/problem??

Any suggestion?

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Sylvia Janetzki Staff answered 5 years ago

Hi Mauricio;

In general, there are advantages to using clear plates for automated evaluation. Light from the light source of the reader is actually NOT reflected from the well walls back onto the membranes, as it is in opaque plates. That means that you require a higher intensity from your light source than you would need when using opaque plates. if you do not adjust the light intensity accordingly, the image is too dark (if the reader focusses on the membrane). Please find the commands on how to adjust the light intensity, increase it, and it should be fine. All readers we are used to work with (e.g., Zeiss, AID) only require this simple adjustment. No wraps, black adaptors or whatever is needed for them. We do not use the reader you have, but I am surprised about the difficulties for a simple adjustment between different plate frames.

As an alternative you can use our plate reading service (see details under Services) until you are able to adjust your reader.

Please let me know if I can provide any further infromation.

Kind regards, Sylvia