New: OncopeptTUME  = Access to the tumor microenvironment utilizing NGS data

New: OncopeptVAC  = Delivers prioritized T-cell neo-epitopes, that can be used as a vaccine

Harness the innate power of the
immune system to fight cancer


OncoPept platform identifies and delivers priortized T-cell
neo-epitopes from the patient’s tumor mutanome


Cancer immunotherapy works only when:

  • Tumor cells are recognized as foreign by the host immune system
  • Cytotoxic T-cells are activated


Mutations that activate T-cell immune responses


Mutations that are recognized by the immune system.

Why are T-cell neo-epitopes important?

  • Predict efficacy of cancer immunotherapy  drugs
  • Enable patient selection
  • Predict patient outcome

OncoPept platform integrates robust molecular profiling capabilities, combined with accurate data analysis to generate insights for better selection of T-cell neo-epitopes.

1. Molecular Profiling

Exome sequencing RNA sequencing

2. Data Analysis

Somatic mutation calling Expression level of mutant genes HLA typing

3. T-cell neo-epitope discovery

Generating a library of wild-type and mutant peptides HLA binding (multiple algorithms) Motif analysis Peptide processing

T-cell neo-epitopes from a Head & Neck cancer sample

OncoPept uses multiple filters to eliminate greater than 99% of neo-antigens to select true T-cell neo-epitopes

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