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Publication on computational challenges of Elispot evaluation

A deeper look into the evaluation of Elispot plates by image analysis. The article contains a detailed description of its challenges and how to work through them.


Elispot Proficiency Panel

Once a year there will be an Elispot proficiency panel conducted, open to everyone who is experienced with the assay and seeks validation on their relative assay accuracy. Check for updates and register at


New: Book on the Ins and Outs of Elispot published

Whether you are new to Elispot, or an experienced user – every step of the assay including sample preparation, response definition, assay validation are addressed in detail in this new book published by Springer. It is also available through all main book outlets like Google Play Apple BooksBarnes and Nobles, Amazon and so on.


Press release: Partnership with Medgenome

ZellNet Consulting and Medgenome have partnered to combine their know-how in genomic solutions and immune monitoring. Read the press release here.


MIATA Hall of Fame filling up!

Publishing in MIATA-complaint style has many advantages. You transparently share how you ran your experiments. Your paper will also be listed in the MIATA Hall of Fame with direct link to your publication.


Immune monitoring technology primer published in JITC

Find the JITC primer with open access here.


Elispot Plate Reading Guidelines published in Nature Protocols

The results of the Elispot harmonization efforts of the Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC/CRI), in collaboration with European Association of Immunotherapy of Cancer (CIMT), have led to guidelines for the evaluation of Elispot plates, based on a large Elispot plate reading panel and consensus process involving more than 100 scientists from all over the world. The guidelines have recently been published in Nature Protocols.


Another cause for Overnight Resting

A group from TPIMS in San Diego revisits the effects of overnight resting on frozen PBMC and their performance in IFNg Elispot. The advantages of including a resting step is clearly demonstrated and confirmed by rigorous statistical testing, using an adapted version of the DFR method for comparing multiple test runs of the same sample.


The Know-How on FluoroSpot Evaluation

The advantages of the multi-level evaluation approach of FluoroSpot plates is being explained and demonstrated in detail in this new publication, elevating the single cytokine Elispot technique to a poly-functional monitoring tool.


Excellent publication about IVS

Fresh of the press comes an excellent publication from Chudley et al. about in vitro stimulation of PBMC, harmonization of IVS protocols, and effects of IVS on results from Elispot and Multimer assays. This paper can be found in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. It is written in full MIATA compliance and hence also listed in the MIATA Hall of Fame.


Outstanding publication on the effect of Overnight resting on previously frozen PBMC

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Important publication on optimizing B-cell Elispot

Important publication on optimizing B-cell Elispot just published in JIM.